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Can I be a little personal on this page?

I wonder how many original members still watch this page. I came here and saw that it's still being posted in, even if it's just icon posts. Kind of warms the cockels of my heart.

I came here when someone else moderated it and winded up moderating it myself. We had a lot of great conversations on here, maybe we can again ^_^

Would you all like to share some memories of this community and this anime? Mine would be this:

I came into anime as most did, watching Dragon Ball Z on toonami. There was a time, a precursor to Adult Swim, when they showed more adult anime late at night. Thats when they showed Cowboy Bebop, and thats what I cut my true anime teeth on. There have been many in the past but Watanabe-san's direction in this one, coupled with Yoko Kanno's flawless soundtracks, brought this back again and again as years have gone past. Through this train of thought, watching new anime's and becoming more enamoured with Japanese culture, I ended up visiting Japan myself. Not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded. Beautiful country, somewhat prejudiced (with good reason) but an amazing place.

Thanks to this community I enjoyed cosplaying and conventions. I am truly honored and blessed to have been part of this and to have met each and everyone one of you (that may still have this page on your watch list). This community will live on, even if it's not a Naruto, Bleach or One Piece community. Cowboy Bebop has touched your lives somehow, and that is why you are here, neh?

Parting words/thoughts: We may never get the full story on the syndicate storyline, but one thing we can take away from it was that Vicious and Spike were friends. Estranged friends that let a Woman get in the way. In another time, or place, they may have never strayed from the path. Maybe they would have been syndicate brothers till they died in an alley somewhere, by someone younger and faster. Or lived to be old and retired from crime. But in their lifetime, they were outcast, avenge and revengeful, and redeemed. We all tend to fall short of our commitments, to friends, family and acquaintances, but in the heart of it is love and sometimes, as you all know, love goes out with a "bang".
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