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Cowboy Bebop
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This is obviously a community for fans of the Cowboy Bebop anime.

The Cowboy Bebop LJ community is moderated by cowboysoultaker and courtney_beth, contact them if you need anything. There are also other ninja mods on the community operating in stealth.

from Cowboy Soultaker: feel free to email me with questions, concerns or complaints. my email has changed, it's now macrossbebop (at) gmail (dot) com

The rules for the community aren't very hard, but they are important. Please make sure that your posts fall in line with them. Moderators reserve the right to delete posts and threads as needed.

1. Please use Livejournal cuts for any posts that might be considered a spoiler, or for any posts that include images (i.e. cosplay posts or quizes with pictures)
To use a Livejournal cut, you can do the following:

-<-lj-cut text="enter what the cut will say here"->- body -<-/lj-cut->- Take the hyphens out and you're good to go! What the lj cut will say appears in the "enter..." quotes (quotes remain there) and the body of the post goes in between the html tags.

2. Please keep posts ON TOPIC. This is a Cowboy Bebop community. It is not a general anime community. Things that relate to Cowboy Bebop, such as things about the voice actors from the series, the director's new projects, and to Cowboy Bebop is fine! For example stuff about voice actors from Bebop, the director's new project and other current events are on topic, and we encourage that sort of discussion! But things like like "Did you see Blue Gender? It rocked!" should not be posted. Save it for elsewhere.

3. Please treat other's opinions with respect. "LJ drama" and other forms of wank will not be tolerated. If you are discussing a "hot topic" such as subs/dubs, pairing preferences, etc, please use common sense, and be polite. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

4. Please don't post links to places where the episodes can be downloaded. ...This could get us in huge trouble. Don't do it.

4a. Please don't post links to places where the soundtracks can be downloaded ...This could get us in huge trouble. Don't do it.

5. If you have a general question about the series, please use the following references. We get many repeat posts here, such as "Look out for the bootlegs!" or "Where can I get the lyrics to Blue?" You'll find your answer a lot quicker, and not end up adding repeat posts, if you simply check these thinks!

http://rfblues.aaanime.net/ -this site explains all the easter eggs, who's who and everything else Bebop.

http://www.jazzmess.com - This has everything from lyrics, to in depth info on the songs, to episode guides and theories.

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=bebopcrew - a direct link to the bebopcrew's memories page, which includes Frequently Posted Material that may prove helpful for some of your questions.

http://www.toyboxorphan.net/mrsax/ - the infamous mr. saxophone page. The ultimate resource for all you Gren lovers!

http://www.jazzmess.com/merch/bootlegfaq.html - PLEASE click this link and stay aware of whether or not you are buying a bootlegged OST/DVD

6. Disallowing of Comments will get your entry deleted! Comments are to be always left on. Disallowing of comments means the community cannot do what it is intended to do, and that is discuss bebop. We will automaticaly delete entries that disallow comments, even if there is great content. Please remember this!

7. Only post icons that are Bebop related! Icons are okay here, but please only post icons that are bebop or bebop related. Bebop related can be people who were involved in Bebop. I don't mind if, after posting your bebop icons, if you wanna put in a little blurb letting people know you have more icons from other animes. but the actual posting of the icons should only include Bebop.

8. NO INTRODUCTION POSTS -- Let's face it folks. No one cares that you're new. Don't spam us with the "HEY, I'm new!" posts-- they'll only be deleted. Instead, just jump right in and have a blast.

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