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"Diamonds" Cover

Hey, space cowboys! ;)

Not sure how many of you guys are into listening to covers, but I recently finished work on a vocal cover of "Diamonds," one of the most underrated and unknown Cowboy Bebop songs. You might not recognize it because it was only featured in the Japanese Cowboy PS2 game, but if you're a fan of the rest of Yoko Kanno's music, I guarantee you'll love the song -- it's very reminiscient of "Adieu" and it's simply beautiful!

I won't bore you with more details, but if you're bored and you like jazz music, feel free to listen! I hope you guys enjoy it. ♥

[[ LYRICS: ]]

Something that you do
I really can't explain
The way you make me smile
The way you make me love you when you're shining

Diamonds don't make promises or decieve me
They don't lie
All they do is shine like the sun
Stars up in the sky
I see them in your eyes
Can I see them now
Yes, I see them now

Little diamonds, please don't go away
Let me love you
Can I keep you near
Let me hold you, dear, ever more
Don't know what it is
Your magic sparkle kiss
Little diamonds, I'm yours

Twinkling like a melody in the twilight
Ever clear, made in heaven, some are cold
And some are perfect cuts
While some are in the rough
All so beautiful
You're so beautiful

Little diamonds
Don't you go away
Let me love you
Can I keep you near
Let me hold you, dear, for all time
Don't know what it is
Your sparkle with a kiss
Little diamonds
Little diamonds
Be mine
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