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Weekly drabble challenges

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys are interested in a weekly drabble challenge. On, in the Supernatural fandom (TV Show - frickin' awesome. TV equivalent of Cowboy Bebop awesomeness, pretty much), these two friends started weekly challenges. Just one word as a prompt and you have to write 100 words on the dot. (It's really hard keeping it to 100 words.)

And now, there's at least 10-15 drabbles each week. I'd like that kind of life force to be pumped into Cowboy Bebop. Would anyone be interested in this? I really hope you guys would, because this fandom deserves dedicated fans and fanfic authors, right?


Ps, send me a private message to show your interest. I'd love it if someone helped me do this. I'm more comfortable doing it on, because you can create a community to collect all these weekly drabbles but here works fine too, I'm sure.
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