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Weekly drabble challenges

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you guys are interested in a weekly drabble challenge. On, in the Supernatural fandom (TV Show - frickin' awesome. TV equivalent of Cowboy Bebop awesomeness, pretty much), these two friends started weekly challenges. Just one word as a prompt and you have to write 100 words on the dot. (It's really hard keeping it to 100 words.)

And now, there's at least 10-15 drabbles each week. I'd like that kind of life force to be pumped into Cowboy Bebop. Would anyone be interested in this? I really hope you guys would, because this fandom deserves dedicated fans and fanfic authors, right?


Ps, send me a private message to show your interest. I'd love it if someone helped me do this. I'm more comfortable doing it on, because you can create a community to collect all these weekly drabbles but here works fine too, I'm sure.
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I think this sounds like a cool idea, and I'd totally be up for it. You can never have enough Bebop fic :D

What about making a new comm here on LJ dedicated to it? The ease of keeping everything in one place, while still using LJ. (I'm in the camp of preferring LJ to FF.Net myself... I have an account on the latter but I barely use it.)
I'm really into theme drabbles right now and I would love to see this happen. Agreeing with a comm on LJ, but they could be posted at after the fact, as well.
Ok, so it's pretty much decided, courtesy of a unanimous vote. LJ it is. I'm ok with that (if one of you guys are happy to upload a pic for a future community? One of the perks of being a broke uni student is having no money to spend on luxuries like scanners. Pfsh. And that's the end of my embittered uni student rant.)

Anyway, if you guys are willing to wait for me, I'll have a community set up by Sunday? And then I could maybe post an initial drabble as an example, and set the word/theme/whatnot for next week's? I think having the stories posted every sunday, 7pm Greenwich Time (or closest to it that's convenient for everyone and their respective time zones) should do? I'll post a message here to tell everyone when the Community is set up.

Let me know if anyone has any problems/issues/suggestions/hints/tips/whatever for me. It'll all be very appreciated.

And oooooh, I am so super excited about this now. I really wasn't expecting such a response. Touch wood everything goes well.

Trina xxxxxxxxx
Hey everyone,

I've set up the new community. (Better late than never, right?)

It's called Bebop_Weekly. I thought it sounded kinda cool, almost like a weekly newspaper know, not.

Anyway, I've posted the rules and whatnot. And then I'll post an example. And then on sunday, I'll message everyone with the word of the week. I hope you guys can make it. And spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Also, can someone tell me how to make the background a picture? I'd quite like a Bebop picture as the background of the community.

~ Trina ~